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EB Indie Cub Award Laurel 2023 Collin Nelson
AWARD OF MERIT SPECIAL MENTION Young Filmmaker  - The IndieFEST Film Awards - 2023 Collin Nelson Laurel
LAFA Winner Los Angeles Film Awards Best Young Filmmaker Collin Nelson Laurel
OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN DIRECTING - Calabasas Film Festival - 2023 Collin Nelson Laurel
LAFA LOS Angeles Film Awards 2023 Best Indie Short -Collin Nelson Laurel
Honorable Mention Best Young Filmmaker Male - IndieX Film Fest - 2023 Collin Nelson Laurel
Winner Award of Merit Special Mention Best Shorts - Collin Nelson Laurel
Oniros Film Awards NY Laurel - Collin Nelson
AWARD WINNER - The Brightside Film Festival - 2023 Collin Nelson
Honorable Mention Independent Shorts Awards Los Angeles June 2023 - Collin Nelson
WINNER BEST HIGH SCHOOL SHORT  - Sky Arts Film Festival - 2023 - Collin Nelson
OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD YOUNG FILMMAKER MALE - Indie Short Fest - 2023 - Collin Nelson AWARD WINNER - The Brightside Film Festival - 2023 Collin Nelson AWARD WINNER - The Brightside Film Festival - 2023 Collin Nelson laurel
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Director / Cinematographer / Writer

Born upside down and feet first, I’ve always seen the world a little differently. I’ve been obsessed with outer space since I was a toddler and to this day, I could talk for hours about the history of Soviet rocket engines and their influence upon the design of SpaceX’s raptor engines. 

But my biggest passion of all is making movies. I am currently obtaining my BFA in Film & Television Production at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. My unique perspective combines my many interests, ranging from aerospace engineering, history, and philosophy. My work focuses on the complexities of the human experience, connection, and interaction.


I co-directed my first feature film entitled "Right Here, Right Now" during my senior year of high school, and my short films have been official selections at over 30 film festivals and won over 20 awards, including two LA Film Awards for Best Indie Short and Best Young Filmmaker; Outstanding Achievement in Directing from the Calabasas Film Festival; and Outstanding Achievement – Young Filmmaker from Indie Short Fest. My film A Soldier’s Dilemma was recently accepted into the Academy Award and BAFTA qualifying LA Shorts International Film Festival for best High School Short Film.

Collin in a USC sweatshirt holding a camera on his sholder

University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts Film & Television Production Class of 2028

Director Collin Nelson on set of "A Soldier's Dilemma"
Meet Collin heading - Collin Nelson - Director holding is award from the Calabasas film festival - polaroid
Meet Collin heading - Collin Nelson Yellow moving font

Upcoming Projects

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I want to work with you! I’m in the DTLA area and would love to help on any creative work, any way I can! Contact me by emaior @collinjnelson on instagram for further questions.

USC ICon.jpg

USC SCA production

his fall, I will be entering my freshman year at the USC School of Cinematic Arts as a BFA Film and Production Major! I will be creating and working on many films so stay tuned!  


Uplink (Short 2025)

I did cinematography for a film by Scott Wood set in a world where loved ones can be downloaded after death.

USC Logo 2.jpg

USC MFA Thesis films

I’ve been able to work on multiple USC MFA thesis films in various positions and learn the ropes of working on larger scale sets and applying that knowledge to my own work! If any large need help with camera or G&E please reach out!

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Theater heading - Collin Nelson
Collin Nelso in an visiting the sundance film festival in na orange jacket
 Collin Nelson director looking into the camera in a burnt orange jacket and a blue and orange dotted shirt and a blue checkered stair case behind him

Collin Nelson

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Scarpbook C - Collin Nelson
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