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Oniros Film Awards NY finalist poster with laurels a IMDB qualifying event
Offical Selection Sky Arts Film Festival  - director Collin Nelson
Lift off Global Network Hollywood's first time filmmaker sowcase offical selection 2023 - director Collin Nelson
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Offical selection Urban Mediamakers Festival UMF 2023  - Director Collin Nelson
Offical Selection Creator Film Festival 2023 - Collin Nelson Director
Offical Selection Studio City international film festival - director Collin Nelson
Semi-Finalist Student lost Angeles Film Awards 2023 Director Collin Nelson
Quarter Finals Blast off 2023 - Director Collin Nelson
2023 catalina Film festival offical selection - Directed by Collin Nelson laurel
Offical Selection Laurel visionaries Film festival 2023
LA Student film Festival Official selection - Collin Nelson
Official selection SFO short film festival 2023 - directed by Collin Nelson  Laurel

Right Here, Right Now

Right Here, Right Now Poster for a Collin Nelson Film, director, Cinematographer - four teens in black and white looking forward

As they cling to the past and yearn for the future, four high schoolers navigate the complexities of adolescence, struggle to find purpose, and discover the profound impact of words to either uplift or destroy. When their divergent paths intersect one fateful night, they must confront the present moment's urgency, forcing them to confront their inner struggles and redefine their identities.


Directed by: Collin Nelson and Micah Max Polaha

Written by: Andrew Christopher and the 2023 Film IV class

Starring: Micah Max Polaha, Aria Walters, Riley Segal, Jaiden Wolfe

Produced by: Joey Scott, Andrew Christopher, Christian Yoder

Cinematography by: Xander Schevchanko

Edited by: Akash Ercolini-Bhatia, Dylan Chemielwski-Stanley, Collin Nelson, Micah Max Polaha

Soldier's Dilemma

A Soldier's Dilemma poster for a Collin Nelson Film
A still from "Soldier's Dilemma" A WW2 soldier sits in a fox hole holding a gun

A WWII soldier is forced to make a horrible decision. 


Written and Directed by: Collin Nelson

Starring: Micah Max Polaha, Henry Oakes, Mel Dott, Caleb Polaha

Produced by: Collin Nelson and Joey Scott

Cinematography by: Collin Nelson

Edited by: Collin Nelson

Official selection for High School Film at the Academy Award and BAFTA qualifying LA Shorts International Film Festival

Winner of Best Story at the Student and Young Artists FEEDBACK festival

Winner of Best Microfilm at the Indie Short Festival

Honorable Mention of Best Student Short at Indie Short Festival

Atomic Bonds

A still from Atomic Bonds a Collin Nelson film, a young boy faces the camera with a list and string lights behind him, he is in mid talk

Atomic Bonds is a sci-fi teen drama about Wesley, a fourteen-year-old boy stuck in a fallout shelter with his father, Arthur, and his survivalist sister, Isla, just months after nuclear war. Wesley spends his time messaging with a girl named Annie, arguing about family safety procedures, and mourning his mother's death from a Wasteland expedition. One day Annie asks Wesley to meet in person—a direct violation of their family's rules.


Written and Directed by: Collin Nelson

Starring: Harrington Gwin, Brigitte Rogerson, Ben Carr, Tate Countryman

Produced by: Collin Nelson and Joey Scott

Cinematography by: Collin Nelson

Edited by: Collin Nelson

The Last Liftoff

The story of an astronaut with an impending mission on the horizon who tries to reconnect with his daughter.

Written and Directed: by Collin Nelson
Starring: Justin Bruening and Aria Walters
Produced by Collin Nelson and Joey Scott
Director of Photography: Xander Schevchanko
Music by: Caleb Polaha and Henry Oakes
Edited by: Collin Nelson


Written/Directed by Payton Daly and Collin Nelson

Cast: Elliot Cain: Michael Laurie E-234: Max Chester


School of Cinematic Arts Summer Film Intensive 2023 Project 5 Chosen for the USC Summer “Best of Class” screening

Ode to Joy

Genre: Documentary


Follow Collin Nelson and Micah Max Polaha as they go on a search to see what leads to lasting joy in life.


Film by: Collin Nelson and Micah Max Polaha

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