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Collin Nelson

Collin Nelson Doodle - space ship in green

I’ve been obsessed with all things related to space exploration since I was a baby. My first word was “moon” and my third was “Uranus.” I spend hours watching YouTube videos from NASAspaceflight or Everyday Astronaut, and I follow every rocket launch I can. I even went to a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch of the Sentinel 6a Satellite at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in 2020

After attending two weeks at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama in 2021, I won the coveted “Right Stuff” award, honoring the trainee who best exemplified leadership, cooperation, and integrity. I have taken every Aerospace Engineering class at my high school, and I’ve worked on a Mars Rover that is able to squat so that it can better navigate hills and a rocket with detachable gliders on the side. Currently, my team and I are working on a remote control plane that’s able to launch rockets from its wings.

I hope to use my vast knowledge of Aerospace in my future films, and I know it will continue to be one of my extreme passions for the rest of my life!

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